About us

The right products for the right markets


AKSONS General Trading LLC. has been established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the year 2015 by Khidir Ibrahim Khidir and sons. The aim was to build a business that serves international agricultural markets.

AKSONS' Activities

At AKSONS, our core business is the import and export of goods between countries. Our aim is to fulfill international market needs by moving products across the globe.

Our transactions cover a different product categories such as agriculture corps, electrical equipment, or any other commodities that are needed in international markets. 

Our Team

AKSONS' Consultants

We're home for some of the highest experienced experts in the areas of Finance, Banking, and Commercial Law.

Therefore we offer consultation services to other businesses and entrepreneurs who are dealing in international trade, to help them better improve their businesses, build stronger partnerships with financial institutes & banks, as well as providing them with the best legal consultations to ensure high level of compliance in their business transactions.

Our Team


At AKSONS we aim to cover as many market gaps as possible by moving the right products to the right markets at the right time. And to help other businesses achieve similar goals by offering them the best consultations. AKSONS aims to be a major contributor to a healthier economy.

Our Team